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Fast Cut Compound I
Ideal to deal with paint runs, “orange peel” and deep scratches.
By polisher with ETALON white, blue polishing pad or wool pad.

Code Dimensions Packaging
ET1001 1kg 6bottles/cart


Machine Polish III
New anti-hologram formulation. Even higher, completely swirl-free  gloss levels.
By polisher with ETALON  orange or black polishing pad.

Code Dimensions Packaging
ET1003 1L 6bottles/cart


Finishing Glaze
Non abrasive polishing  glaze with especially designed  formula that penetrates paint &  creates invisible thin protective  film on the polished surface.
By polisher with ETALON  black  polishing pad, by hand with foam  applicator or soft  polishing wipe.

Code Dimensions Packaging
ET1004 1L 6bottles/cart


Absolute Cut Compound
Perfect blend of aggressivness  &  polishing one-step action. Extra cut  compound is designed for the most  demanding   polishing   tasks,  removes  scratches from abrasive P1200 and  leaves deep  glossy surface.
By polisher with  ETALON wool pad  or  white diamond  polishing  pad.

Code Dimensions Packaging
ET1010 1kg 6bottles/cart
ET1010/250 250g 12bottles/cart


Absolute Compound
Ultimate one-step  polishing compound suitable  for fast removal of scratches  achieving  excellent  hologram  free gloss on  dark colors  & scratch-resistant  coatings.
By polisher with the range of ETALON polishing  foam pads depending on the task.

Code Dimensions Packaging
ET2010 1L 6bottles/cart

Metal Polish

Polish for all metal parts:  chrome, brass, copper, nickel,  stainless steel and other  surfaces. Cleans, polishes,  removes rust and leaves  protective film.
By foam applicator or polishing  foam ball and buff with  ETALON microfiber.

Code Dimensions Packaging
ET/MET-930/750 750ml 6cans/cart

Top Inspection

Spray for effective inspection  of compounding processes.  Perfect for cleaning of compound  residues & for thorough  inspection of the polishing  process prior to next step.  Safe on all paint  surfaces. Also recommended  to be used with  ETALON polishing clay.
By hand with ETALON  microshine wipe or soft  polishing wipe.

Code Dimensions Packaging
ET/TOP-007 500ml 6bottles/cart